You Rest, We Test.

Cloud based Test Case Reporting Software for automated and manual tests of your QA and development teams!


Everything You Need for Testing

With a combination of manual and automated testing and the expertise of our partners, DevLabs provides you with comprehensive QA and QAA services. Test your business-critical software today to ensure that errors or bugs do not lead to significant outages in the future.

Application Monitoring
Application Monitoring for the timely detection of failures of vital functions. Tests are performed every 5-10 minutes.
Smoke testing
After each build, check if critical functionality is working properly. The main purpose is to save time and effort by quickly determining whether application is ready for in-depth testing.
Sanity testing
Sanity testing is performed after receiving a software build, with minor changes in code, or functionality, to ascertain that the bugs have been fixed and no further issues are introduced due to these changes.
Regression testing
Regression tests are testing the system in depth. Before these tests are started, the smoke tests should pass.
Acceptance testing / UAT
To ensure customer's expectations are met. Defined by and performed together with the customer.
Continous testing
Continuous testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain immediate feedback on the risks associated with a release candidate.
API / Service testing
To ensure communication between components is working, we can develop tests for your API (e.g. REST based).
Documentation testing
Software needs documentation, so the product can be used properly and this should be approached from many angles and tested thoroughly to be understood by everyone.
And more...
We love testing. Automated or manual tests are done by our team. Get in touch with us to learn more.

The Ultimate Opportunity to SKYROCKET Your Software Quality

Poor test processes are the main cause of software errors that occur in the live system. Therefore, software testing is essential during the development process.
Delegating parts of your tests helps you to be more cost effective and maximizing the software quality by complementing your team with testing know-how. With our automated testing solutions you will also speed up your development process

Four advantages of TestRest

Immediate quality improvement by our team of experts.
Time to market
Shorten your time-to-market with automated test solutions.
Provide real-time information about the stability, availability and performance of your services.
Cost-effective sourcing possibility of developer services.


Sign up
Sign up for the free service here.
This gives you an ingenious entry into the world of manual & automated testing.
Some tests require additional information.
By asking questions we define the requirements together.
We program the tests.
The tests will be installed on our CI environment
and will run every 5-10 minutes
View results
From now on you can check the timing and stability of your web-site on our TestRest Cloud Service.


What is TestRest?

TestRest is your web-based portal to the results of the automated tests of your applications and services.

The platform enables our test-automation developers to easily collect all the necessary information about performed tests. The TestRest server collects the data and makes it visible to our customers in a user-friendly interface. You can see statistics about all your testcases. Furthermore automated reaction on failed testcases can be configured.

Why TestRest?


Quality is important to us, therefore we work with passion and precision. As an Austrian/Bosnian nearshore team, we know the differences. Our motto: Quality first!

Test Know-How

We complement your team with sound test knowledge. We are proud to work as a team and to put the relationship with our customers first. By the way: We speak German!


We are passionate about our work, and if you love what you do, it becomes fun. Speaking of: And: We love testing!

Who stands behind TestRest?

At DevLabs we are a Near-Shore team of experts in the broad area of Software Technology. Since we are close to the German speaking market, our aim is to provide solutions which:

  • reduce the general problems of outsourcing
  • act as extended Workbench of your business
  • complement the know-how in some areas of your business

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